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About Bling

Why is bling our thing?

Many people feel emotional when they receive a medal. It’s a big deal for them. It’s a symbol of overcoming fear, pushing through pain and reaching a physical and emotional height. That’s why sometimes they cry.

At Bling, we were growing tired of seeing people being awarded medals that look and feel more like they came from a cereal box rather than being a true reflection of the effort, skill, commitment and sacrifice that the person undertook to achieve it.

Let’s work together to make your medals stand out in the hearts and minds of your participants. Let’s make them dominate their medal collection, get them posting all over social media, showing their friends and having them buzzing about entering your event again next year.

Who Makes Bling?

These are the two lads who created Bling Custom Medals New Zealand.


Ian Wills

A reasonable bloke

Ian Wills
Creative Blah Blah

Ian pretends to add value by turning fairly simple things into complex things and then unscrambles them back into simple things again. It makes him seem really smart.

Aside from that Ian has a solid background in creative design. He’s even designed merchandise for The All Blacks as well as super rugby franchises.

Ian has worked for global brands and major agencies. So as it turns out; he actually has some useful skills.

Outside of work you’ll generally find this family man falling off his surfboard or not catching many fish at all.

Adam El-Agez
Business Man

Adam likes to keep his hair short and wear collared shirts exclusively for profile pictures. This makes him highly qualified to run several of his own businesses.

He once got a medal for something in high school. Possibly it was for opening a cereal box.

Aside from that, Adam has been a serial entrepreneur for over a decade in a wide range of national and international ventures. So he knows business stuff.

Outside of work you’ll generally find him tearing it up on a surfboard and catching plenty of large fish.


Adam El-Agez

Always has an opinion